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The North Carolina Coastal Ocean Observing System

NCCOOS Observing Platforms
small_buoy.png One of the primary goals of NCCOOS is to develop a robust set of platforms that observe the ocean and the atmosphere in near real-time. These include offshore buoys, a wind profiler and a remotely sensed surface current mapping.
Coastal Studies Institute (UNC-CSI)
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Institute of Marine Sciences (UNC-IMS)
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NC-COOS provides data through a DODS (Distributed Ocean Data System) / OPeNDAP server interface. This allows users to easily subset the data and view ancillary information without downloading the entire file. Supported DODS clients include Ferret, GrADS, IDL, MATLAB, and Excel. Data can also be easily subset in your browser by constructing a url that tells DODS what to do.
Data File Access
To access data files directly (in NetCDF format) follow the file access link. Data is in a simple directory structure, and ancillary information is recorded within the data files. Data sources include NC-COOS platforms as well as national providers that have coverage in the region. All data from national providers can also be found at

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