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Glider Information

The Slocum Coastal Electric Glider (built by Webb Research Corporation) is an autonomous underwater vehicle.

The Glider moves up and down in the ocean by changing buoyancy. Wings provide lift and a vertical aileron enables steering. The vehicle traces a sawtooth profile, observing temperature,conductivity, etc. versus depth. At the surface, various antennae support position fixes via GPS and communications via Iridium and Argos.

The UNC glider, purchased in 2004, has been deployed on a number of occasions. Below are links to a few of the missions and simple graphics of the observations collected.

Rutgers glider vid

Movie Clip. Rutger's AUV gliding in the Gulf of Mexico, January 14, 2003. Glider is performing a bottom crash test. Once it hits the bottom and realizes it is not moving forward anymore, the Glider will turn upwards to continue its track. Another AUV glides by in the background near the end of the clip demostrating normal and desired operation behaviour at the bottom inflection (i.e. not crashing into it).



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