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Ramses -- July 2007 Mission

The main goal of this mission was to test mission plans that took the glider into the Gulf Stream. It also served as a training exercise for permanent staff before Catherine Edwards graduated. She has been instrumental in getting the glider program started at UNC-CH. So, Catherine trained two new glider pilots at UNC (Chris Calloway and Sara Haines) by preparing the glider for a mission, and then flying it, first, in a small box mission near the R2 Navy TACTS Tower off the Georgia coast and then, on a Gulf Stream mission.

We tried a Gulf Stream mission by flying an eastward heading for a given amount of time and then turning 180 degrees to fly due west to get back out. Knowing the glider would be swept downstream from its original starting point, the glider would come down the coast in calmer shelf-water back to its starting point.

Unfortunately the glider jettisoned its weight just prior to entering the Gulf Stream because it was subsurface for too long. It was recovered on Long Bay as it was caught in the Gulf Stream and carried northward.

Many thanks to Bill Savidge and the captain and crew of the R/V Savannah at Skidaway Institute of Oceanography for helping to deploy the glider at R2. And an extreme thank-you to the captains of the R/V Cape Fear and Lynn Leonard at UNC-Wilmington for helping us to recover the wayward glider 100 miles offshore.

The Event Log summarized the details of events that occurred during this particular mission.

Mission Tracking


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