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Field Operations

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Products here were generated during the field operations of the project, in support of mission critical decisions for data collection.
Summary of Ship Cruises
SAV11-34 -- Acrobat Shakedown Cruise
October 17-18, 2011 -- SAV11-34
SAV11-36 -- Glider Shakedown Cruise
November 13-16, 2011 -- SAV11-36
SAV11-40 -- Glider test cruise
SAV11-44 -- Deployment Cruise
Dec 2011 operations in Long Bay. SAV11-44
SAV12-02 -- Deployment Cruise
SAV12-03 -- Leg 1 cruise
Jan 2012 operations in Long Bay. SAV12-03
SAV12-05 -- Leg 2 cruise
Feb 2012 operations in Long Bay--SAV12-05.
SAV12-11 -- Leg 3 cruise
March 2012 operations in Long Bay. SAV12-11
SAV12-14 -- Recovery Cruise
April 2012 operations in Long Bay-- SAV12-14.
Glider Tracks
Glider surfacing positions during Cruise Legs 1-3 (January 25 - April 3, 2012).

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