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Presentations, Posters, and Papers

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Conference, Journal, and Symposium materials produced by the Long Bay WIntertime Blooms project.
Development of a glider coordinated control system for Long Bay, South Carolina
Presented by Edwards, Chang, Szwaykowska and Zhang at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT in Feb., 2012
Wintertime circulation inshore of Gulf Stream in Long Bay
presented by Seim at PECS 2012
Interaction of the internal tide and the Gulf Stream in Long Bay, SC
A poster given by C. Edwards at PECS, NYC, Aug 2012.
Seabird observations during the Long Bay winter study
Powerpoint file compiled by Russ Wigh on the seabird observing component of the Long Bay study. One of the SkIO open house displays on the ship (20 October, 2012).
Gulf Stream and wind influence on shelf and slope circulation during Winter 2012 off Long Bay
A poster by Seim, Edwards, Nelson and Haines presented at Ocean Sciences 2014
Glider-based observations of wintertime blooms on the outer shelf and shelf in Long Bay, SC, USA
Presented by Lockhart and Seim and Ocean Sciences 2014 in Honolulu, HI, Feb 2014
High-resolution towed vehicle surveys of hydrographic and bio-optical properties during winter 2012 along the shelf margin of Long Bay (SE US)
Presented by T. Moore, J. Amft, J. Nelson, C. Robertson and H. Seim at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, HI, Feb. 2014.
Phytoplankton blooms and shelf-slope exchange during the mild winter of 2012 off Long Bay (SE US)
Poster presented by J. Nelson, C. Edwards, H. Seim, J. Amft and C. Robertson at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, HI, Feb. 2014
Export of phytoplankton bloom material from the continental shelf to upper slope off Long Bay (SE US) - evidence from moored time-series observations
Poster presented by C. Robertson, J. Nelson, J. Amft, H Seim and C. Edwards at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, HI, Feb. 2014
Connection Between Internal Wave Activity and Outer Shelf and Slope Circulation During Winter 2012 off Long Bay (SE US)
A short paper by Seim and Lockhart presented at the 6th OES/IEEE Baltic Symposium, May 2014
Upper slope jets related to Gulf Stream warm filaments inshore of the Charleston Bump
Presented by Seim and Edwards at the 2015 European Geophysical Union meeting in Vienna, Austria, April, 2015
Wind-driven modulation of cross-shelf exchange driven by gravitation relaxation on a shelf during winter
Presented by Lockhart and Seim at the European Geophysical Union meeting in Vienna, Austria in April 2015
Realtime guidance of underwater gliders assisted by predictive ocean models
by Chang, D., K. Szwaykowska, C. Edwards and F. Zhang, in J. Ocean. and Atmos. Tech., 32, 562-578, DOI: 10.1175/JTECH-D-14-00098.1
Controlled Lagrangian particle tracking: analyzing the predictability of autonomous agents in ocean flows
PhD dissertation by Klementyna Szwaykowska at Georgia Tech
Persistent wintertime phytoplankton blooms in Long Bay, SC: nutrient input and bio-physical coupling
Presentation by C. Edwards at Georgia Southern University in fall 2015

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