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NC Wind Study

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These sections provide detailed information and data analysis conducted in support of the NC Wind Energy Feasibility Project. Phase 1 developed statistics and graphical products for measured wind, air temperature and surface air pressure at on-land and over-water sites in eastern NC and offshore. Phase 2 efforts include system requirements of the buoy and tower observation platforms, and satellite wind analysis.
Phase 1 - Data Report
Data report of wind measurements taken 2003-2007 along the North Carolina coast.
Phase 2 - Satellite Wind Analysis
Analysis of data from the QuikSCAT and ASCAT satellites.
Phase 2 - Buoy System
Buoy system design general information, power specifications, parameters, and references.
Phase 2 - Tower System
Ocean tower system design general information, power specifications, parameters, and references.
Buoy Pictures
Phase 2 - Buoy/Satellite Wind Comparison
Comparison between buoy and satellite (ASCAT and QuikSCAT) wind characteristics.
Phase 1 - Buoy Atmospheric and Oceanic Measurements
A variety of atmospheric and oceanic measurements were taken by the National Data Buoy Center at several offshore locations. Plots of the hourly averages of these measurements are provided for the years 2003-January 2011 for 15 buoy stations. The variables are: wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, air temperature, water temperature, dew point, relative humidity, wave height, wave average period (wave ap), wave dominant period (wave dp), and mean wave direction (wave md).

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