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Data Level Description

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Populating Level 0

Instructions for
Populating Level 1


  • Level 0

    lowest data form from specific instrument and package, stored data like binary adcp or ascii CTD download or also what is telemetered in real-time (e.g. buoys).
  • Level 1

    Parsed or extracted data from Level 0, maintaining variables by sensor package even if other data like navigation from other sources used, sampled as close to original sampling frequency in time, or depth (some binning may be necessary), and some qc checks, process derived variables, output is format most useful for analysis and contains self-describing data (e.g. netcdf, matlab, MS Excel) -- iterative processing -- such as additional hand edits like file trimming to eliminate sampling when instrument on in position or glider not moving.
  • Level 2

    Field calibration offsets applied to data from Level 1, additional  qc checks, bring values forward even if no calibration applied, output is format most useful for analysis and contains self-describing data (e.g. netcdf, matlab, MS excel).

Level 0 Directory Description

/data/peach/level0 is divided into platform subdirectories

The following descriptions are to help navigate and describe the contents of data in the subdirectories.

Other Access Points

The links above are provided to help explain and navigate the directory structure.  However you can access the data directly via http (without NCCOOS web framework). The disk where the data are located is mounted on several web-accessible machines.   The direct HTTP  links available are:

If you require direct ssh, scp or sftp, please contact Sara Haines.


  1. comm -- data received via communication during mission -- This data is transmitted in real time. via Iridium to dockserver (tbd, sbd, and ascii equivalents).
  2. store -- internally stored data -- This data is copied after glider recovery.  This is data from both science and glider persistors (tbd, sbd, dbd, ebd, and ascii equivalents). The store data is further broken down by the two glider persistors:
    • science -- manages scientific instrument sampling Data from the science persistor includes LOGS (ebd, ndb, nlg) and SENTLOGS (tbd) and config. 
    • flight -- flight control and monitoring of the glider.  Data from flight persistor includes LOGS (dbd, mdb, mlg) and SENTLOGS (sbd) and config, mafiles, and missions.

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